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Loic FIV+

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    Hi , my name is Loic.
    I am a very special young male 'Gingie Tabby'.
    I was found on the streets of Harlem 4 years ago by a neighbor who rescued me and brought me to live at Aslan's.
    I was thrown out by a doctor who had no use for me, and told his children (who were my friends) that I was going to a 'new' home.
    I was dumped into a garden on 123rd street by this man and left to fend for myself.
    The garden had a very territorial group of inter-generational feral cat families that kept attacking me so that I could not get near any food that was left for them.
    So ...
    I wandered from house to house, crossed the dangerous streets of Harlem every day to get food from a kind woman. (It's a miracle I am still alive and not hit by a car as it almost happened a few times while I was living there.)
    She called Aslan's and luckily they took me into their home.

    I am an Fiv positive 4 year young male who has a heart condition called cardiomyopathy.
    I am given a small pill called Atenolol once a day by my caretakers (in baby food so it doesn't taste yucky!)

    I love to sleep in my bed, watch, tv and play in my beautiful backyard with my other friends.


    A sponsorship of $10 a month will pay for Loic's heart medicine.
    A sponsorship of $20 a month will pay for Loic's food.
    A sponsorship of $50 a month will pay for Loic's vet bills, such as his needed checkups for his heart condition.
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