posted on: July 6th, 2021 4:57 pm
This is beautiful soft little Belle. I call her Puff, because she's so round and gentle, like a little puff ball. She comes from Kathleen M-L, a private rescuer in Long Island. She recently had to have a full mouth extraction, because she had terrible stomatitis and couldn't eat. She has healed and is back to eating well. When she arrived at Aslan's Cats, she was feral and I couldn't touch her, but now I can give her scritches and tummy tickles.
Charlie Chaplin
posted on: July 5th, 2021 4:54 pm
This is sweet Charlie, who is a formerly feral girl. She was rescued in the Bronx by puppy kitty NYC. Her building got on fire, and she jumped out of her 4th story apartment. She broke both of her front legs and tested positive for felv. When we took her in, she was feral. Her legs healed perfectly and as time went on, she now lets me pet her.
posted on: July 5th, 2021 4:14 am
This is gorgeous Fawlkes, lover of the ladies. He is from a N.J. hoarder's house. An old man had died, leaving behind over 70 cats. Seven were felv+ and Aslan's Cats took all of them. That was 5yrs ago. Fawlkes is the last survivor. The girl cats adore him and follow him around, rubbing up against him. This is how I'm able to pet both Belle and Charlie. Now Peaches is rubbing up against him and is starting to let me pet her. Fawlkes has the magic touch!!