posted on: July 5th, 2021 4:11 am

A male special needs friendly feral cat that has cardiomyopathy and requires atenolol in baby food daily to care for his heart problems. Loic was relinquished to us from kind samaritans in Harlem who saw him dumped on the street. He was in risk of getting hit by cars as he was being spooked by the Alpha male cats in the cat colony. He would roam door to door for food. He is still somewhat shy and it requires us to sometimes have to chase him around his enclosed garden to give him his medicine ca...

posted on: July 5th, 2021 4:06 am
A black and white feral cat relinquished to us 10 years ago from a rescuer in Ozone park, Queens, NY. She has a brother named Orca, (another male feral that was brought to us.)
posted on: July 5th, 2021 4:04 am
A feral female tortie cat that was unable to be socialized and brought to us from the Puppy Kitty NYC team. She pooped outside her box for along while but is now very happy and no longer stressed. She has made great friends with Betty, and Dante who all sleep together every night in a wicker basket.