Pouff (Fiv+, Feral)
posted on: January 14th, 2022 2:10 pm

Pouff is a senior FIV+, feral Alpha male Top Cat. He is very handsome, large and solid black.   He resides in our beautiful sunny pole barn. Pouff came to us from an independent rescuer in New Paltz, NY. He was found near a school. Pouff demands respect. He's the first taster of all meals and the other cats show their respect for him by politely waiting until he finishes eating before they begin to eat. We love him as he is truly an enigmatic cat with sorrowful eyes that illuminate a difficult...

Egypt (Fiv+)
posted on: December 13th, 2021 11:10 pm
Our beautiful Egypt, one of our FIV+ senior cats, is basking in the sun, living out her days at our magnificent new location. She's never been happier! She does the zoomies every morning! Aslan's Cats goes the extra mile to help our cats, in keeping with the promise of our mission. Egypt has cancer and is being treated by our wonderful Dr. Porter at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital. These treatments are giving Egypt an extended and full life. Aslan's spirit protects our cats!!
Orca (Fiv+, Feral)
posted on: December 13th, 2021 11:47 am
Orca is a senior alpha male Fiv+ feral cat top cat that loves to go outside every day even in frigid weather. He was relinquished to us many years ago from a senior citizen who fed feral cats in Ozone Park, NY. He is a healthy feral cat with a strong body and plush winter coat. He is siblings with Betty, another of our feral residents at the Glen Oaks Farm, they live together in the pole barn.