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This page is in remembrance of our cats who have passed on. It is dedicated to Caesar, a very special kitty. Here you will read the story of his life on earth followed by his journey to Rainbow Bridge. Is his journey to the Bridge fantasy? No-one can say for sure, but believe and all things shall come to pass.

Before we get to Caesar's story, here are a few of our cats who recently went to the Bridge.
CallieCallie was a very old soul, and very frail. We lost her in a flash flood during Hurricane Irene in August of 2011.
ColetteColette also perished in the hurricane. In addition there were five others who perished in the ravaging waters. We do not have pictures of them. They were Jazzman, Sabrina aka White Toe, Lucy, Nora and Nicole.
RoyRoy was another old soul. We found him on facebook where people were pleading for someone to save him and we took him in. FELV took it's toll and he went to the Bridge in September of 2011.
Little FleurOur Little Fleur died in January of 2012 due to FELV complications.


Caesar, our mascot Caesar is the mascot of Aslan's Cats. His story is a sad one. He was found on the streets of Harlem 7 years ago. He had been thrown out of his home and abandoned to fend for himself. A good samaritan by the name of Casimir Alexander found him dying and unable to breath. He rushed him to the vet where he was diagnosed with fiv. Caesar inevitably contracted the leukemia virus as he was placed in a home with a hoarder with sick cats where his death sentence began. We brought him to live with us for his remaining days. This kitty was a beacon of light as he had such hard beginnings and fought to overcome every obstacle he was given. Caesar passed in our arms peacefully and without pain. We gave him comfort and palliative medical support right up until the end. He was much loved by us and his spirit lives within our sanctuary and watches over all of the cats within our domain. Caesar was approximately 9 years old when he went to the Bridge.

torchRainbow Bridge Story Book

Rainbow Bridge taxi
The taxi arrived out of no-where seconds after his heart stopped beating... "But I can't leave here" he said to the angel at the wheel. "You see, I am the mascot for Alsan's Cats and I must remain on earth." The angel turned her head and looked into Caesar's eyes as she spoke. "You will always be their mascot, dear Caesar. No matter where you are. No-one will ever replace you. It's a wonderful place this Rainbow Bridge. You'll see." Caesar entered the taxi with great hesitation and took a seat beside the other cats who were making the journey.

Rainbow Bridge gate scene
After traveling for what seemed like forever, the taxi finally arrived at the Rainbow Bridge gate.

Rainbow Bridge badge-cat toys-catnip-fish bowlfish
As soon as he passed through the gate and crossed over the bridge he was given a suit of clothes, a huge resident's badge, a rack of cat toys, a large bag of catnip, and a bowl of fish to entertain him.

Ceasar in brass bedsparkleangel praying
He was appointed his own room with a big brass bed. After putting his new possessions into the closet, exhausted from the journey and his last few years on earth, he immediately fell asleep. Little did Caesar know that he wasn't alone that night.

Caesar holding rainbow and his old friend Little Fleur
Days later...
It was all so true. Everything the angel at the wheel told him during the journey came to pass. He was suddenly free of pain and without worry. And happiness filled his heart for he knew he would one day be reunited with his loving humans and feline friends. This place was truly magic.

But with all of the many wonders he found at Rainbow Bridge, besides spending time with his old friend Little Fleur, his most favorite thing to do was to hold the rainbow.

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